Book Review: Maneater


I recently finished Maneater by Gigi Levangle Grazer. Ok, I’ll admit that I had watched the Lifetime Movie in 2008 with  Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) and Judy Greer ( 13 going on 30). Although, I’ll give in and say that I only watched because the concept of a maneater seemed so intriguing.

Like many a people will say the book is better than the movie and in some ways I agree. The main character Clarissa is always on the hunt for a new man of the moment and like many girls is always dreaming of her fairy tale ending. Just when she thinks that she has dated every guy in all of Hollywood, she meets Aaron Mason. Clarissa and Aaron have a whirlwind romance and before you can say Happily Ever After they are married and looking to lead the storybook life. The day after the honeymoon Aaron drops a huge bomb on Clarissa’s plans for their life and possibly ruining their relationship forever. Clarissa delves to repair the life she imagined and finds that the whole life she imagined is about to come crashing down. Aaron is hiding an even deeper secret that as much as he adores Clarissa and would trust her with his life, he can’t bear to have exposed and have the entire world he built come crashing down just as things appear to be going right.

The book did a good job of developing Clarissa’s and Aaron’s backstory and keeping that story together. It didn’t manage to keep the secondary characters story together and would often hop from their story line to the main story line in a matter of moments. The movie kept the story line of both the main and secondary characters flowing together beautifully and you never felt that one story was deeply more important than the other. Like many a book adaption there were parts of  the book changed for the movie so that the movie flowed better and appeared more realistic. I would recommend both the book to read and the movie to rent, but not to own.

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