Book Review: Under a Maui Moon


I had to do a quick island hop the other weekend for work and family business and decided that instead of taking the usual book I was reading which I still fully intending on finishing, I would grab a new book out of my stack. I intended on packing more than one book, but I was rushing to pack and ended up only packing one. I read Robin Jones Gunn’s Under a Maui Moon in less than a day. I’ve mentioned Robin Jones Gunn on this blog before being that she is the author of the Sisterchicks series.

This book was not a Sisterchicks novel, but a complete new adventure to Hawaii. The main character Carissa at the beginning of the novel is going through a complete upheaval in her life with losing her job to restructuring in the company, to being an empty nester, to noticing that after particular scary incident at her own home that she no longer feels that her husband protects her. When Carissa is offered a chance to go to Hawaii, she immediately leaps at it not knowing what will happen next.

I will continue to love Robin Jones Gunn’s imagery style of writing which brings even the slightest details to life. While she isn’t overly eloquent in her words, her wording of the imagery takes you right into the story and lets you almost experience what the character is experiencing through their senses. (I really should work on the Star Trek technology). I recommend that you read any of Robin Jones Gunn’s book so that you will be able to have the same experience for yourself as least in a book for now.

What are you reading lately?

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