Book Review: Chasing Harry Winston


Chasing Harry Winston is a novel written by Lauren Weisberger. She is the author of The Devil wears Prada and Everyone worth knowing both of which were incredible novels in my opinion. Somehow in this novel the story and realism of the novel gets lost in between the pages and I was left wondering if it was ever going to end. Believe me when I say I almost put the novel down and contemplated not finishing at all.

Chasing Harry Winston  is the story of three women living in New York City at the height of their careers and in the prime of their lives, but some how wanting more. Two of the women make a pact one night to change their lives, this pact leads all three women through a year of surprising changes for all of them.

The book is convoluted with thoughts of marriage constantly on the women’s mind and is only more convoluted by each woman having their own story within each of the chapters. None of the stories were blended together except through the phone calls and meeting of the women. The book appeared to jump from woman to woman at random. As much as I loved Lauren Weisberger’s first two novels I was highly disappointed in this showing for her.

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