Book Review: Hollywood is like High school with money


Taylor Henning landed her dream job as an assistant at Ingenuity, a major movie studio. Immediately her catty co-workers undermine her and she begins to realize the saying “Hollywood is like high school with money” is absolutely true. Taylor was not exactly a social butterfly in high school so, how is she suppose to do better now? Taylor meets her boss’s popular daughter, Quinn , and decides to strike a deal with her. Quinn takes Taylor under her wing and soon she is racking up victories against her co-workers.  In the end, Taylor has to harness her inner mean, while finding a way to stay true to herself.

I saw the cover of the novel on a random jaunt through the bookstore and decided to pick it up. I had not read any of the author’s previous books, but was intrigued by the title. Zoey Dean is also the writer of Privileged and A-list had no trouble weaving together a story of the perils of living in Hollywood and the pitfalls of high school seamlessly together. Even the ending where Taylor manages to find a balance in her life and find happiness in Hollywood seem like the perfect ending. I recommend this book as a fun read. You’ll definitely be turning pages and relating to the story as it goes along.

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