Book Review: With a Little Luck


Recently, I finished reading Caprice Crane’s fourth novel With A Little Luck. In this novel, Los Angeles DJ Beryl “Berry” Lambert doesn’t much believe in luck, thanks to her gambling dad. Her name Beryl means luck, but to her close friends she is known as the most superstitious of the bunch.She keeps a four-leaf clover in her wallet, never takes off her horseshoe necklace, and won’t tempt fate by walking under a ladder or opening an umbrella indoors. Ever. I wouldn’t even go into Berry’s stance on love except that this is where everything gets a little crazy. Berry meets fellow DJ Ryan Riley and after a flirty face-off in the break room things begin to heat up on air in a battle of the sexes and even off air. While Ryan is everything that Berry is looking for, even thinking that her quirkiness is cute, she’s counting in her head the end of their romance. All of Berry’s superstitions come to ahead when she meets Brendan,a rocker who for awhile pretends to be as quirky and superstitious as Berry and then after one crazy date he comes clean and admits that he thinks that Berry is borderline insane with all of her superstitious activity.

Caprice Crane is insanely funny! I follow her on twitter and sometimes I can’t stop laughing at her tweets. I loved this book and I look forward to reading all of her books, since I’ve started following her on twitter made this book even more special because I felt that in someways as a fan I was part of some of the process. I definitely recommend this book. I think that you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll relate. I love the way the story flows throughout the book. It’s amazing pick up one of her books and read. I’ve also done a review on one of her other books here


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