Book Review: The Boy next door


I recently finished reading The Boy Next Door  by Meg Cabot. Over the years I have probably read a ton of Meg Cabot books and  yet nearly every time I go into a bookstore I resist picking up a book from her because of the way I think people will judge me for reading her books. Granted she writes for both young adults and adults it is probably I just need to suck up and get over.

The Boy next door is the story of a Mel Fuller a gossip columnist at the New York Journal and how she meets her true love.  After a recent heartbreak from a co-worker Mel is not looking for love, but finds it when she comes to the rescue of her elderly neighbor Mrs. Friedlander, who is the victim of a robbery gone bad. Mel contacts Mrs. Friedlander’s only living relative which just happens to be Max, a photographer playboy  extraordinaire. The scheming Max decides that even though he needs his  aunt’s money to survive he won’t risk losing his lifestyle just to babysit her or her pets, so instead he calls in a favor from an old college roommate, John Trent, and demands that the guy play him for a few weeks.  John Trent agrees to play the role of Max for a couple of weeks , but that is before he meets Mrs. Friedlander’s pets and the neighbor that rescued her.

The book is an amazing read that keeps you turning pages. When I first saw the format of the book I was a little worried because it was written in all emails from the characters to one another, but after reading it I found that it was effectively used and was a refreshing change of pace.  The use of email also shows you the power email an email can have and how just like in letters punctation and grammar are also important.


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  1. Oh my gosh, I’d completely forgotten about Meg Cabot, which is a shame because I LOVE her books! Thanks for the reminder that she’s still out there – I’ll have to get my hands on this book, bc it sounds like a good one!

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