Book Review: Beneath the Glitter

I recently finished reading Beneath the Glitter by Elle and Blair Fowler. I admit that after starting my current job 5 years ago I managed to get sucked into the world of Youtube Beauty Gurus. After watching what seemed like hundreds of videos from different girls I finally broke down and made my own channel and the rest of this is for another time. One of the first people I was sucked into was Blair Fowler and I have kept watching her over the years and when she announced that she and her sister Elle were writing a book I wanted to read it and see if it was worth the hype.

I’ll fore warn you that this review won’t be pretty and I’ll admit to being a harsh critic. While I recommend this book as fluff reading  much like Lauren Conrad’s L.A. Candy  novel series I really would not recommend them as authors. The book is trivial and much too predictable. I can almost read the writing on the wall as to what will happen next, although I’ll get the next books just to be sure I’m right. The story lacks real adventure and enthusiasm and I’m sad to say the least is yet what could be a teen trash novel comparable to the likes of Twilight but far less influential on society.

The book is the first in what appears to be a short series a novels about the London Sisters. Ava & Sophia London after making their fame on Youtube decide to pack up their bags from their small town and move to the big city of Los Angeles and try their luck there. While in Los Angeles they find that the life of fabulous parties, paparazzi, and hot guys come with a price, but the London sisters need to discover if the price of their sisterhood and friendship is worth the fame and fortune under the bright lights of the big city.


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