Book Review: Then came you

In all honesty this review should have been posted last year, but since I didn’t get to I’m counting it toward my 2013 books! I’ve been reading books like crazy lately, so in the next couple of weeks you will get a plethora of reviews amongst the other posts.As previously mentioned I’ve been showing love to books that I’ve had stored on my shelves and never picked up.  I recently finished Jennifer Weiner’s Then came you. This book was released last year and I have yet to pick up the book she released this year, but I will soon.

I’ll firstly admit openly that I’m a huge Jennifer Weiner fan and never been completely disappointed by a book she has written yet. With that being said I apologize for the bias that will be shown in this review because of it.

Then came you  is the story of three women and how they bring a child into this world through artificial insemination. Jules, a senior at Princeton at the beginning of the book was scouted by an agency for her  eggs, which the scout convinces her will give her enough money to save her dad. Annie, a housewife that wants to contribute to her family’s income decides that she would be willing to carry someone else’s baby to give someone else the same happiness she feels everyday with her sons. India, is the expectant mom to be longs to have the complete package with millionaire Marcus Croft. Her stepdaughter Bettina is suspicious of every move that she makes and eventually delves to the bottom of the mystery of her life. When a crisis strikes all the women are brought together to help raise this child.

You will cry, you will laugh, you will smile, and if you are a woman reading this. You will most definitely feel your maternal instincts kick in. I loved the book and would definitely recommend it. It reminds me a bit of the first Jennifer Weiner book I read that was Good in Bed. Thanks for keeping it real Mrs. Weiner.


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  1. reading someone’s opinion of a book will help me decide if it is worth my time or not. this sounds like an interesting one. thanks for inspiring me to grab a new book off my nightstand. 🙂 i hope you review more books!

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