Book Review: Last Night at the Chateau Marmont


I probably do not write enough reviews on here since every time that I try to write one I have to look up the format I used for the previous one. Last Night at the Chateau Marmount written by Lauren Weisberger is a telling about what it is like to be the wife of a famous musician. It is not an autobiography, but I think that the author imagined herself as an instant celebrity wife that tried to save a marriage. The story of Last Night at the Chateau Marmount  is about Brooke Atler who is a successful nutritionist at a hospital and at a private posh school. Not only that she is also the main source of income to struggling musician Julian Atler. One night while at a showcase Julian finally gets his big break and before Brooke can really tell her husband congratulations he gets sent off on a world wind tour of guest appearances, shows, and is soon the subject of the media tabloids. While Brooke tries to be supportive of Julian’s sky rocketing career and ignore the tabloids it soon starts to get in the way of her real jobs and then the media tabloid drops a bombshell about Julian’s possible indiscretion at the Chateau Marmount in Salt Lake City, UT.

I loved every minute of Last Night at the Chateau Marmount! I could not put it down. Sorry that it took me so long to post this review. I have read most if not all of Lauren Weisberger’s previous books and for the most part have loved them. I won’t give away the ending of the book because that would defeat the purpose of you reading the book but I guarantee that you will find a happy ending. I love even though Brooke goes through a hard time in the book she manages to stay a strong independent woman and in the end finds her own voice and realizes that she now has endless opportunities in front of her. I hope that you will pick this book up the next time you are in your library or in a used bookstore
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