Book Review: Safe Haven


I swear that I really need to write more book review posts because every time I need to write one I need to look up to see the format that I used. I’ve also been thinking about reformatting the review posts but I have not made a full decision yet.

I apologize for the lack of posts recently this month has been crazy and I can’t even begin to describe what my life has been like lately. Perhaps I will tell you soon though. Right now, we are going to be taking about Nicholas Sparks Safe Haven. I received this book for free in my February Pop Sugar Box, but this review is not sponsored and I’m not being compensated for writing this review.

Safe Haven is the story of a woman named “Katie” who decides that she needs to take back her life and start over in the small town of Southport, North Carolina. Not long after she is settled she meets Alex, a widowed store owner, who also fancies her. In a weird stroke of luck “Katie” watches Alex’s daughter while Alex saves his son from a near drowning incident. Also during this time “Katie” befriends her neighbor Jo. It is not long before she has to decide if she wants to settle down in Southport or continue with her transient lifestyle that she has been living the past few years.

This book is not your normal Nicholas Sparks novel where it is a typical love story that comes complete with a little bow. You will think that you know the story and then the end of the story will leave your mind completely bewildered at the series of events that have occurred throughout the book. I highly recommend this book.
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