Book Review: The Next Best Thing


I keep saying that I should do more book reviews and yet that still has not happened yet. Work these past couple years have been absolutely insane, but I can’t complain. As you may know from some of my previous book reviews on Jennifer Weiner books is that she is one of my favorite authors, so I do apologize if this review is a little biased. This book was originally published sometime in 2012 and I have not had a chance to read it until recently.

In the book Ruth Saunders, the main character, an East Coast native has been in California for several years and finally after much struggles of trying to make it as a screen writer she finally gets her big break. She finds that sometimes in order to get your dream in Hollywood it means that you have to do a whole lot of compromising and you get stepped on and have to step on a few people to make it great. During this time, Ruth has to face her old unrequited flame Rob who is now married to a famous star celebrity, her grandmother’s impending nuptials, and that she might need to be more confident that she appears to be. In the end Ruth find love and peace in some place she least expects and even though the network cancels her show mid-season she manages to do secretly shoot the pilot the way it originally was intended and have it turn into a viral sensation overnight.

I loved the fact that Jennifer Weiner used some of her own experiences working on State of Georgia an ABC Family show that starred Raven Symone. The show was short lived and like Ruth Saunders show only lasted until mid-season. Jennifer Weiner unlike many female authors really understand women and society as they are. She does not attempt to portray men as unequals to women as some female authors tend to do and I’m glad for that. I especially enjoyed that in this novel Ruth Saunders had to overcome a disability to find confidence and be her own heroine  and I think that is a resounding message throughout all of  Ms Weiner’s novels.

I hope that you will read this book when you get the chance and I will see you again in another great post!

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