Book Review: The Statistical Probability of love at First Sight

Yay for finally getting up more than one blogpost this month. It actually is one of my goals this month to spend a bit more time with this blog. I have big plans for it in the coming months and I hope that it all works out 😉 In the meantime, I’m back with a book review on The statistical probability of Love at first sight by Jennifer E. Smith. I randomly found this in a book store and loved the cover, so I picked it up. I was also more intrigued to finish the book after reading a review on Life of Kitty.

The book takes place over a 24 hour period between New York and England, most of it taking place in an airport or on an airplane. Hadley Sullivan is headed to her dad’s second wedding in England, when after she accidentally misses her flight befriends a British boy named Oliver, headed back to England on the same flight she is rebooked on. They spend most of their time together both in the JFK airport and on the airplane discussing Hadley’s dislike of her father and how she is dreading the wedding. After Oliver kisses her and abandons her at customs in the Heathrow airport Hadley realizes that she has assumed that Oliver is also going to a wedding, but to her surprise he is actually returning home to attend his father’s funeral.

I’ll try not to give the ending away since I am sure there are still many of you that have not read this book yet. The book tells the fated story about two people meeting as well as a teenage girl’s struggle to understand love, why her father left her mother, why her father is remarrying, and why her mother won’t remarry. I find the Charles Dicken’s quotes from Our Mutual Friend throughout the book only enhance the story.
“Is it better to have a good thing and lost it, or never to have had it?”-p67

“And O there are days in this life , worth life and worth death.”-Prologue

I recommend this book if you are looking for a fun quick romantic read, great for a single day or a few hours if you are a fast reader. The chapters move rather quickly and Jennifer E. Smith’s writing is comical and fun. I would love to read another Jennifer E. Smith book in the future. *Fingers crossed * I’ll be back with another post for you this week!

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