Book Review: Where Beauty Lies


Yay! I’m back again with another blogpost. Seriously though, I’m trying to get on a schedule with posts here and on my youtube. Today though I am doing another book review, I think I’m on a roll here! I recently finished Where Beauty Lies the second installment in the Beneath the Glitter series. You can read my review on the first book here. This book will have a quite similar review to the first one, why can’t I just stop reading these and save my money!

This book continues the story of Ava and Sophia London a few months after the first book ended. The London sisters’ makeup line has slightly crashed since the scandal, but they have still maintained their internet celebrity status and have been scouted by a backer to do a fashion and bedding line for New York Fashion Week. The London sisters spend much of their time designing the line and when Fashion Week rolls around are hit by a scandal that they are not real designers, but merely copycats of a famous designer. Without giving too much away, the London sisters figure out the actual culprit who has been trying to sabotage their success as well a finding out who their real friends are.

I still stand by the same opinion as I did in the first review. I will be back soon with another post and some life updates!


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