Book Review: The Death Cure


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I know that it has been a while since I’ve posted here and hopefully the next few days will make up for it. I really want to get back to blogging more regularly,but I’ve been so busy with work and feel like I haven’t been really balancing lately. Seriously though I’ll get into all that in another post, right now we’re are here to talk about James Dashner’s Death Cure. If you haven’t read my previous reviews on the Maze Runner and Scorch Trials read them here and here. The Death Cure picks up where The Scorch Trials left off. Thomas and several of the other Gladers that are left find out from Rat man that they are actually immune to the Flare virus while others that have been in the Trials have actually had the Flare all along.

Rat Man and several other scientists decide that it is time that Thomas along with everyone else in the Trials be given their memories back since the Trials are coming to an end and there are two final candidates for the final trial. The two final candidates are Thomas and Teresa. Thomas and a few others decide that they do not want their missing memories back and that they do not want to participate in the final trial. Thomas and Teresa in two different groups both decide to escape separately to Denver, a town that claims to have the cranks quarantined.

While in Denver, Thomas runs back into his old friend from the Maze, Gally. Gally is now running with a group called the Right Arm. Thomas finds out that the Right Arm intends to take Wicked down any way possible. While Thomas is finding out more about the Right Arm and their leader Wicked has been gathering up more Immunes to start the Trials over again. Just as Thomas agrees to work with the Right Arm, he finds that he has to kill a friend that contracted the Flare and is slowly losing his mind.

Thomas returns to Wicked and agrees to willingly cooperate and become the final candidate. The scientists including Rat Man decide to tell him what being the Final Candidate for the Trials mean and when Thomas finds out he begins to have second thoughts on whether this was actually the right decision. Just as Thomas is about to undergo the final procedure the whole thing is stopped. Thomas wakes up alone and finds a note from Director Paige telling him that the Trials are indeed over and he needs to find the rest of the Immunes that Wicked has taken and escape from this world. When Thomas tells the Right Arm this they don’t believe him, but agree to give him a limited amount of time to save the rest of the captured Immunes. Thomas and friends manage to save the captured Immunes and then take a Flat Trans to create a new Safe Haven far from the world they have come to know. The book ends with a letter from Director Paige stating that the ending with Thomas and the other Immunes in the Safe Haven was plan B to the solution. This plan B was to start the human race over and was in place from the beginning with Two Immunes (Brenda and Gally?) working on the inside.

I thought that this series ended well and I did not hate it. I was a bit disappointed that there was no cure found to the Flare and that Thomas in the end chose to be kept in the dark about what happened before. I’m looking forward to reading The Kill Order soon which was is the beginning of the Maze Runner Trials.

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