2019 goals and thoughts

Happy New Year!
Like so many people around the world as we turn the page to start a new year we begin it with so many hopes and dreams. A dream for all the possibilities that could come in the days ahead and all that could be. I like many of them have so many hopes and yet there are a few things that I need to wrap up from 2018 before I can fully embrace 2019. I can’t wait to share more about these projects with you.

A few goals and resolutions that I have for the coming year are much like last year.
1. To read 52 books as that as is what I set as my Goodreads goal, but I would also like to complete at least one book challenge this year. I’m planning on being involved in several this year. I also would like to clear more of my unread shelf and get those books out of my life.
2. To get back to being healthy, the past year and half or so I have really slacked on my health and while I’m not super unhealthy I don’t feel healthy enough to do things in some ways. I have a plan to work on that and hopefully there will even be a few posts on that this year.
3. To turn this space into more of what I want. While I have several projects that I would like to complete for the year working on this specific space is definitely high on the list. I definitely would like to see more people come here and enjoy it, as well as give feedback.

I have a few more goals and resolutions that I ‘m still working out, but I’ll definitely let you know when the time comes. I can’t wait to journey through 2019 with you. Are you making goals or resolutions for this year? I hope to see you soon!

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