I’m back with yet another book review, but I thought that this one was incredibly fitting. I definitely owe you more diverse posts here and I definitely plan and bringing it in the near future, but that won’t be today’s post.

Today we are going to talk about Nicholas’ Sparks The Wedding which is the sequel to The Notebook. This was also the Paper & Glam read for the month of February if you are also participating in that book club. If you loved The Notebook movie you will not like this book as much because it gives you a definite ending to the movie, which was slightly different than the book. In this book, we catch up with Noah Calhoun several years after Allie has died, but he is still continuing to live at Creekside home. We interact with Noah far less than we do in The Notebook, but we still have interactions with him since his love story with Allie is the driving force behind what happens. In the sequel, we meet up with Winston and Jane, a couple who have had a rough couple of years being empty nester, which is only made worse when Winston forgets his wedding anniversary. His wife takes an extended vacation to see their son and makes it clear that she was extremely hurt by his lack of carelessness.

Winston spends the majority of the book in the year since trying to put together the ultimate surprise for his wife the following year in order to save their marriage. Since, the book is narrated by Winston it is difficult to know how Jane truly reacted to the changes the Winston made throughout the year and the surprise. I won’t give away the surprise, but if you have read any Nicholas Sparks book you can guess pretty good where this story is headed.

Even though, this was my second time reading this book I found myself still cheering for Winston and the little victories that he made in surprising his wife throughout the year. I thought that his trips down memory lane recalling his romance and love story with his wife were especially touching. I also loved the fact the when Winston talked to Noah about his plan and ask for advice Noah didn’t judge him and Winston also didn’t judge Noah for believing certain things and wanting them to be true.

I felt that Nicholas Sparks correctly portrayed the plight of the every man in the every day life. We all can’t be Noah Calhoun’s and have beautiful romances like Noah and Allie’s. Noah does admit that he and Allie did fight in the book and not everything he did for her was sweet and beautiful as people might think. I would definitely recommend this book if you are needing a bit of romance in your life and would need to live a bit more time in the world of Noah Calhoun and Allie.

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