Under the Moon

Scaretober 2019

I’m back with yet another book review. I know, I know there will be real life posts coming ,but with all the readathons happening around fall this month how could I not help but devour books and tell you all about them. I know that this isn’t a super scary book, but I think that Catwoman does fall into the superhero/ villain category which can sometimes lead to a scary movie. Today I’m going to talk about Lauren Myracle’s graphic novel Under the Moon: A Catwoman tale.

If you have been following me this year for a bit at least. You will know that Matt got me to try graphic novels in the past couple of years and this year I have been reading a bit more of the DC graphic novels. I read Mera: TideBreaker during the Escape to Book Island Readathon back in April and then I read Teen Titans: Raven for the Discover New Worlds Readathon in August. I loved both those books equally and when I saw this on the shelf at the local comic bookstore I knew that I had to read this and include it.

Lauren Miracle tackles that classic DC character Catwoman bringing her into the high school setting much like the rest of the DC Ink series. Catwoman is still known as Selina Kyle, but this time she’s a teenage girl who doesn’t like her mom’s live in boyfriend and after a tragic moment in her eyes decides to live on the streets and drop out of high school completely. While on the streets, she meets a guy who teaches her parkour and eventually invites her to join his gang of miscreant thieves who are planning a big heist. One of the other members of the gang is a Rosie a girl with a tragic past, who no longer speaks , but is on a journey to find her little brother.

I won’t spoil this graphic novel for you since I think you should read it. It’s a really quick read, so it will probably only take you a day at max. I found the story overall lackluster as compared to the other graphic novels in the series and this one in particular ended on a cliffhanger note. I did appreciate the illustrations and thought they were well done. I would have liked to see more about Selina Kyle’s relationship with the gang and even with Bruce Wayne develop more.

I hope that you enjoyed this review and will continue to join me throughout the month of October for more posts. I also hope to be reviewing more novels in the DC Ink series as they come out. Let me know in the comments if you have read any of the DC Ink novels or who your favorite comic book character is. Hope to see you soon!

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