30 days of lists: September 2013 week 2

I’m back with week 2 of 30 days of lists. As I said in my previous post I really hope to post the previous weeks list the following week, but I’ve gotten crazy busy in life. If you would like to check out my lists daily you can check them out on my instagram. I just started on there too! @greyskysaturday, which also means that this blog design maybe getting a make over in the future.



Day 8: My childhood chores



Day 9:Weird stuff that makes me cry



Day 10: Meaningful gifts given and received



Day 11: Things my family taught me


Day 12: Favorite things about this month

Day 13: Bad Habits

Day 14: Weekend Essentials

I hope to see you very soon with some amazing posts and hopefully some great news!


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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog from the blog-trends critique. I love your blog layout. You live in Hawaii???!! How long have you been blogging? One tip I’m trying to work on is making the most of my sidebar. I’ve read (in addition to what you already have on your sidebar), featuring your most popular posts is a good idea. So I’m working on that as well. Lookin’ good 🙂

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