5 things on Friday 8.5.16

Suicide Squad (2016) Poster

So as usual today I’m linking up with the Farmer’s Wife and September Farm for an

  1. In sad news, The Boy will no longer be appearing on the blog. I ‘m not sure if he ever will again, but for now his appearance will be non existent.
  2. I’m super excited that Suicide Squad opens today. Even though I’m not a comic book fan I did love the Joker and Harley Quinn romance in the cartoon version of Batman.\
  3. As mentioned previously, I’m still heads down working a fabulous project for coming in October ( or at least I think it’s pretty awesome)
  4. My reading game is getting back on track and I’m pretty excited about that
  5. Big things are happening at work and I hope that it all goes smoothly. Hopefully next week I’ll still be able to have a post for you since there’s another work day here.

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