Movie Review: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

I’ll admit I was kind of looking forward to this movie. Since, Heath’s death I was willing to go into it with an open mind, no preconceived notions of what Colin, Jude, or Johnny could do. Undoubtedly, they are all amazing actors whose talent I can’t even begin to measure in this blog. The movie also had a good ensemble cast. The fanciful world of the imaginarium is amazing and could be comparable to the candy world of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Garden or the mysterious world in Reel Big Fish. The acting of Colin, Jude, and Johnny were seamlessly woven into the storyline.

The movie in many ways reminded me about religion and how things change as the years past. Perhaps I’m baised and wanting to see that. I think the storyline leads you to believe that the battle between Dr. Paranassus and the devil is truly a significant never ending battle that contiually occurs in our world today. The only thing I was left wondering as the film finished was how would the film turned out if Heath hadn’t died?

Go see this film.

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