A little about me


Jamie wants to live in a world where love letters are filled with poetry, thank you notes are handwritten and every movie has a secure plot line.

As a part time communications specialist, she’s been featured on the White Way Broadcast and Simply Straws Instagram. She has also worked with brands such as Influenster for the #JingleVoxBox, Blossom VoxBox, and the #FreshisFierce VoxBox  and Warby Parker.

When she’s not tidying up her boss’s latest catastrophe , you can find  her scouring Office Depot for the perfect gel pen, lurking in bookstores for the latest best selling novel, or wandering around Oahu looking for the perfect breakfast spot that serves waffles.

Find her latest video uploaded to Youtube nearly every week. Catch snippets of her life and animals on  Instagram and her rambles about life *cough* Star Wars on Twitter.

Learn more life hacks and other interesting thoughts at greyskysaturday.com

Unless otherwise stated in the post I am not affiliated with any companies talked about on here. All opinions on this blog are my own.

Thank you!