All Fall Down

All Fall DownAll Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner
Published by Atria Books on June 17, 2014
Pages: 384

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Weiner
Allison Weiss got her happy ending—a handsome husband, adorable daughter, a job she loves, and the big house in the suburbs. But while waiting in the pediatrician’s office, she opens a magazine to a quiz about addiction and starts to wonder…Is a Percocet at the end of the day really different from a glass of wine? Is it such a bad thing to pop a Vicodin after a brutal Jump & Pump class…or if your husband ignores you?
The pills help her manage the realities of her good-looking life: that her husband is distant, that her daughter is acting out, that her father’s Alzheimer’s is worsening and her mother is barely managing to cope. She tells herself that they let her make it through her days…but what if her increasing drug use, a habit that’s becoming expensive and hard to hide, is turning into her biggest problem of all?
With a sparkling comedic touch and a cast of unforgettable characters, this remarkable story of a woman’s slide into addiction and struggle to find her way back up again is Jennifer Weiner’s most masterful work yet.

I’m finally back with another book review. It has been a hot minute since I posted a book review here in real time. Lately, I have been doing more posts prepping for Scaretober, which is coming in October. I fully intended on being WAY more prepared than I have been in years past. Let’s get back to real reason that you are here.I recently finished Jennifer Weiner’s All Fall Down .

You can read from the synopsis what the book is generally about. As an older fan of Jennifer Weiner I thought that this book was about average, but not as good as some of her older books. I found that this book was good and I could get into the storyline because it was a big deal at the time. I wasn’t impressed at some of the character development in the book, I felt that it could have been better and deeper. It seemed that the majority of the plotline was rushed and at times a bit un-relatable. It seemed a bit unrealistic to introduce that Allison’s mom was an alcoholic to the story at one point and yet never continue with it. It was also a bit unrealistic that her daughter would immediately begin behaving better after Allison got back from rehab and that they moved away from suburbia.

If you like Jennifer Weiner books it was good to get back to her writing, but this book was definitely a more borrow book than a buy book. While I still love Jennifer Weiner as an author I wouldn’t rank this book very high in the books that I would recommend you to read from her though it would still be read.

I hope that you enjoyed this review and that you will come back again for more reviews and more posts. Hope to see you soon.


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