Black Lantern Book 1

I’m back with yet another book review. This review actually should have gone up a couple of weeks ago, but life has been pretty crazy. As you can see from the above picture this is going to be a view of the graphic novel Black Lantern Vol. 1 created by Chris Bodily.

I was able to read this in one sitting because that’s what usually happens with graphic novels with me. Matt was also able to sit down and read it within one sitting. This is Chris’s first graphic novel he’s the artist and his wife Chelsea Maki did the story. The graphic novel is published by Ghost Machine Publishing.

The basic synopsis of the story is
“As freelance paranormal investigators, the Burnwood and Blackwell Agency are no strangers to the supernatural. Edgar is a tattooed jack ‘o lantern with a haunted past, Fiona is a rockabilly witch learning to master her abilities., and Julius is a talking black cat with a thing for ghosts. But when a clandestine priory comes after Edgar for a dark ritual, the three will have to embark on an arcane adventure into the occult in order to solve the mystery. With Halloween fast approaching will any of them make it out alive.”

The first book is definitely intriguing enough to make you want to keep going and it has been said that there will be a second volume coming out. I love the Halloween elements and the spooky nature of the book. Julius the talking black cat was definitely my favorite character in the book with his sarcasm. If you aren’t into witches, zombies, haunted houses, the occult or any of those things you probably won’t end up liking this book.

Here are some of Matt’s thoughts: The crazy supernatural things were treated practically and the idea of a blue collar work being surrounded by supernatural made it feel like Hellboy and I liked Hellboy. I would also like to know more about how Edward is kept alive.

Feel free to pickup this book at Chris’s website or Ghost Machine Publishing. I’ll definitely keep you updated as more volumes of this series come out and other work from Chris.

*This review is not sponsored, but the artist/creator Chris is a friend. I did purchase this book to support him, but he included the extras.

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