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I am once again back with another book review. This time it’s Geekerella by Ashley Poston. This has been in my TBR pile since its debut in March.  Yes, I know I’m crazy for having it on my bookshelf for so long, but believe me when I say that there are books that have been on my bookshelf for longer than I might never get to.

This story is a Cinderella retelling for the modern age. Danielle or Elle known throughout the book is a lonely high school student who is obsessed with a show called Starfield. She has followed the show, so closely that she has created a following for herself online with her blog Rebelgunner. When it is announced that Starfield will be made into a movie starring current heartthrob Darien Freeman. Elle gives him and the movie a brutal first review of the casting.

Darien, the world’s current heartthrob used to live for the days where he wasn’t famous and could be a geek at comic cons, now he has so much to live up to. He is cast as the male lead in the Starfield film and since he was burned by his once best friend he is highly suspicious of nearly everyone in Hollywood. He finds out that Elle, the blogger has burned him quite badly and he tries to talk his way out of doing a panel at comic con. He finds an old number for the comic con which happens to be Elle’s dad’s phone number and pleads to be let out. Since Elle doesn’t know what he’s talking about she tries to play along. One lonely night, Darien reaches out to Elle and they start talking not knowing who each other is. They continue to talk up until the day of comic con when all hell breaks loose.

If you have ever read/ watched any Cinderella story ever you will know how this story ends. It’s basically all the same overall, so I’m not really spoiling anything for you. There is one section of the book, which is incredibly touching and heartwarming. I was sniffling through the whole section. I can’t spoil the book for you since that would be completely unfair. I loved how the book tied in  quotes from Starfield making it seem like a really tv show. I loved Sage’s character and how she was honest with Elle from the very beginning.

This book is definitely a good summer quick read and doesn’t get to over the heard or in depth with anything crazy. You could definitely finish this book in a day or two. If you have read this book, let me know what you thought of it. Hopefully I’ll be back with another post soon, but in the meantime let me know what you are reading.

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  1. Gosh. If you feel bad about leaving a book on your TBR for like 3 months, you would be shocked with my TBR. 😛 Thanks for the review. I still have yet to pick up my own copy, only because I know that I’m going to enjoy it but it’s definitely more of a summer read and we’re in the thick of winter now here in Australia.

    Cass @ Words on Paper

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