Book Review: Lying Game #3 & #4

Today because there are so many books I want to read and so little time to read them. I decided to do a combined review for you. Today’s review will include book #3 and book #4 of the Lying Game Series. If you have not read my previous reviews on the Lying Game series you can read them here and here.

Image result for 2 truths and a lie bookA half truth is a whole lie.-Yiddish Proverb

In this the third book of the Lying Game series, we find that Madeline’s brother, Thayer Vega has mysteriously returned and broken into the Mercer house to see Sutton. Thayer is arrested and this strikes an icy divide between Sutton and Laurel. It also comes out that Sutton and Thayer has a secret romance going on, while she was still with Garret. Toward the end of the book,  Emma decides to go public with her relationship with Ethan finally and then it comes out that her twin Sutton had been keeping more secrets than she let on including a secret email correspondence with Thayer, while he was away. Emma realizes that living in Sutton’s life and trying to figure out her murderer, Sutton may have kept more secrets from people than she even realized.

Image result for hide and seek bookCherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it.-Voltaire

In this fourth book of the series, we once again catch up with Emma just as the Harvest Dance rolls around. It is in this book that she suspects her sister of killing her and pursues that lead while constantly keeping up her guard since Thayer is back in town for good. It is right before her dad’s birthday that Grandma Mercer comes to town to stir the pot even more. She gives Emma even more clues to the mystery behind her parents, which only leads to her with more questions instead of answers. It is at the end of this book that Sutton gets the biggest clue of all in having an encounter with Raven Jannings and finding out that, that is her mother Becky. She also manages to have a conversation with her dad on some of the matter and figures out why he has been keeping Becky a secret from her for so long. Though Emma now knows these secrets it only leads to more questions instead of answers and she can’t rule out her dad as her murderer.

I hope that you enjoyed this 2 for 1 book review. I will be back with more book reviews and more posts soon. Let me know what you have been reading lately or what you thought of the series if you read it?

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