Book Review: Lying Game #5 & #6

I am back once again with a combined review for books in the Lying Game series as well as my final thoughts. If you haven’t read my previous reviews on these books, you can read them here, here, and here.

Image result for the lying game bookBetrayal is the only truth that sticks.-Arthur Miller

In the fifth book of the Lying Game, we finally get to meet Becky,the twins real mom after discovering in the last books that Sutton was raised by her grandparents. It is also in this book that Sutton’s dad finally comes clean to her with the truth about her birth mom or at least a partial truth. Emma and Ethan continue to investigate Sutton’s death and try to add to their continuing mysterious puzzle. In a chance encounter Emma finally gets to have a chat with Becky, her birth mom, and she says some interesting things. It is also in this book that when a new girl threatens Sutton’s place on the tennis team that Sutton and her friends ban together for a Lying Game prank, they also find an ally from a mysterious source. This prank only leads to more mysterious things happening.

Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.-Helen Gurley Brown

In the sixth and final  book of the series, we once again catch up with Emma within days of the ending of the fifth book. Her latest ally has been murdered for trying to pass Emma information on Sutton’s killer and fails to do so. It is also in this book that Sutton’s body is finally discovered in Sabino Canyon right where she had planned on meeting in Emma in book one. Emma is finally caught as impersonating Sutton and it is then that the clues to solving her sister’s murder finally comes together.

The book comes to a graceful end with the murder suspect finally being found out and Emma finally reveals the truth about who she is to the Mercers and to Sutton’s friends.  Emma also is able to have her dreams and Sutton is finally at peace. I loved the way the story arched and tried to drive you in all directions as Emma tried to figure out who killed her sister. It was also fairly obvious from the beginning that some of the things that Emma had to go through were fairly immature. This was definitely a teen read, which if you are someone older reading it I’m sure that you’ll read through the series pretty quickly and it would be a great summer read.

I hope that you enjoyed this 2 for 1 book review. I will be back with more book reviews and more posts soon. Let me know what you have been reading lately or what you thought of the series if you read it?

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