Book Review: Never Have I Ever



I am super excited to be bringing you this book review today! This is the third book I have finished in the past couple of weeks which is good since I’m finally getting back into reading. Hopefully I can keep this up through the rest of the year. If you haven’t read my review of the first book in The Lying Game series you can read it here.

In this second book in the series Emma has started to fit into her twin sister, Sutton,’s life. Sutton is still around as a ghost and often tries to protect Emma from beyond the grave as well as still trying to figure out who killed her and why she died. It seems odd to say that Sutton as a ghost has lost her memories of her living self, so her memories for her living self often comes in spurts depending on what Emma is doing at the time.

In this book, we begin to really delve into the suspect list starting with some of Sutton’s closest friend/enemy the twins, Liliana and Gabriella Fiorello. The “Twitter Twins” as Emma calls them in her head aren’t official members of the Lying Game, but are constantly trying to impress the rest of the group especially Sutton that they deserve to be members. Emma spends a good portion of the book trying to discover why the twins want to get back at her so much. Sutton realizes through a series of flashbacks that it was when Gabriella discovered that she had epilepsy Sutton realizes that her life could be in real danger.

This book didn’t read as fast as the first one did, but it was still a fun read. The plot of the books is definitely different than the tv series. I still plan on finishing this book series. Let me know if you would like me to continue doing book reviews on each book or just review the rest of the series as a whole.

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