Stupid and Contagious

Stupid and ContagiousStupid and Contagious by Caprice Crane
Published by 5 Spot on May 12, 2006
Pages: 317
Format: Paperback

In this hilarious, romantic comedy, two twenty-something neighbors embark on a zany mission to meet the founder of Starbucks, and in doing so, find each other.

I recently re- read Caprice Crane’s first novel Stupid and Contagious. It was well worth the second read though, I don’t necessarily have the same feelings the first time I read it. Does this even count for reading a book a month?!? I guess I could count it and I actually have two more reviews to post for you by tomorrow along with some other wonderful goodies 🙂

Stupid and Contagious is about the meeting and crazy courtship of Heaven Albright and Brady Gilbert. Wait! Before you get turned off on this book, let’s say that this is not your typical romance novel at all. It is written from in the voice of both characters at once, well not really at once but both characters tell their side of the story on what’s happening. Heaven Albright is a recently fired PR executive turned mediocre waitress  who lives life by the whim and is overly superstitious that she will be dead at 27 because all the fabulous rocker people do that. Brady Gilbert on the other hand is a the owner of his own record company Sleestak Records and is also going in search of his other great dream, to be the owner of the next big thing Cinnamilk or possibly the CatchitCone. Brady moves into the apartment next to Heaven after breaking up with his crazy girlfriend. I won’t completely giveaway the ending, but it is definitely a good one involving a dog named Strummer 🙂

As previously mentioned this book was a re-read and I’ll admit that I enjoyed it more when it was published in 2006 the pop culture references were less dated then, Sorry! The jokes are still relevant, but there are a select few that should be kept in that year. In case you did not catch the reference in the title it is a lyric from a Nirvana song which is a nice touch that Caprice Crane has maintained throughout her career as an author. This book is definitely one of my favorites that I’ve read and I was excited to hear that it had been optioned for TV rights. You can read more about the option here.

I hope that you’ll get the chance to read the book before the TV show comes out and although I’m excited for the potential TV show I’m a little worried how it will turn out. READ the book though!


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