The life-changing magic of tidying up

It’s been a minute since I have written here. Life has been good and I have been reading, just a bit more slowly than usually and inspiration to write other things hasn’t struck yet.

Today though I’m back here to talk about Marie Kondo’s book The Life-changing magic of tidying up. Let’s be real and say that I bought this book initially when it was a Paper & Glam book club read, back in 2016 or so didn’t make it through the book. Hello, Netflix special in January 2019 with Marie Kondo to inspire me to actually read the book and declutter. While I read the book slowly and went through at least 3 of the steps to date. ( I may have jumped around because you uncover things when you declutter items) I found that it helped with my decluttering process.

I found Marie Kondo’s step by step approach to decluttering with discarding over storage really helped in my process to actually get rid of things. I also found the process more helpful to follow along than the show, though the show was an inspiring place to start.

Would I recommend this book to people? Yes, I think that everyone would enjoy and can benefit from this book. Should you go out and buy the book? Well, I took notes on some of the things she says, but I will definitely be passing it on. I would recommend you borrow it, unless you know you are definitely going to keep it. Are there a few too many memes and jokes on the magic of tidying up? Possibly, but if it gets people to declutter and actually read the book then it’s all well and good.

Let me know if you have read the book, watched the series and have been inspired to declutter after either? I think as interesting as the initial process is, I think the follow up is even more interesting. I did search through the internet and found a few follow-up stories on people a few years after doing the KonMari method and how their lives have and haven’t changed because of it.

Hope to see you soon in another post!

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