Then came you

Then came youThen Came You by Jennifer Weiner
Published by Atria Books on July 12, 2011
Pages: 352

The lives of four very different women intertwine in unexpected ways in this new novel by bestselling author Jennifer Weiner (In Her Shoes; Best Friends Forever). Each woman has a problem: Princeton senior Jules Wildgren needs money to help her dad cure his addiction; Pennsylvania housewife Annie Barrow is gasping to stay financially afloat; India Bishop yearns to have a child, an urge that her stepdaughter Bettina can only regard with deeply skepticism until she finds herself in a most unexpected situation. Interlocking dramas designed to ensnare; bound to be a bestseller.

In all honesty this review should have been posted last year, but since I didn’t get to I’m counting it toward my 2013 books! I’ve been reading books like crazy lately, so in the next couple of weeks you will get a plethora of reviews amongst the other posts.As previously mentioned I’ve been showing love to books that I’ve had stored on my shelves and never picked up.  I recently finished Jennifer Weiner’s Then came you. This book was released last year and I have yet to pick up the book she released this year, but I will soon.

I’ll firstly admit openly that I’m a huge Jennifer Weiner fan and never been completely disappointed by a book she has written yet. With that being said I apologize for the bias that will be shown in this review because of it.

You will cry, you will laugh, you will smile, and if you are a woman reading this. You will most definitely feel your maternal instincts kick in. I loved the book and would definitely recommend it. It reminds me a bit of the first Jennifer Weiner book I read that was Good in Bed. Thanks for keeping it real Mrs. Weiner.


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  1. reading someone’s opinion of a book will help me decide if it is worth my time or not. this sounds like an interesting one. thanks for inspiring me to grab a new book off my nightstand. 🙂 i hope you review more books!

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