Book Review: Uncommon Criminals

I’m finally back with another post. I hate that nearly all of the posts I have written lately have been reviews. I really want to bring you more original posts, but that just hasn’t happened yet. I recently have been compelled to finish off a couple of old series which I started in the past. The first up is Heist Society. I had originally started this series back in 2011 when I did not know it was a series. You can read my review on the first book here. When I found out it was a series I knew I had to continue to find out where Katarina Bishop and her family ended up.

In this second novel of the Heist Society called Uncommon Criminals. We catch up with Katarina Bishop as she is once again stealing art pieces from society and returning them to their rightful owners. It appears that Kat has been doing art jobs by herself lately and not including the rest of the crew. Hale gets upset and confronts Kat about why she is doing these jobs. Kat does not have an answer. She then meet a woman named Constance Miller who asks her to pull off the impossible job of stealing the Cleopatra Emerald. She manages to convince Kat by saying that Visily Romani told him to ask her. Kat and her crew manage to pull off the heist perfectly and give the emerald to Constance and then in a moments notice Kat finds out that she has been duped by another con artist. The con artist uses the Cleopatra Emerald to pose as another emerald the Antony Emerald, which is said to be just as valuable.

It takes all of Kat’s strength and teamwork from her crew to figure out who the woman is and how to get the Cleopatra Emerald back to where it is suppose to be. No, sorry the Cleopatra Emerald does not end up in the hands of the real Constance Miller, but the ending is just as good.

I loved all the twists and turns of this novel and how you got to know more about Kat’s family and extended family. Though the moment between Kat and Hale still raises questions about their future, I’m excited to see what is next for them.

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with another post.Let me know what you have been reading lately.

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