Breakout Waikiki

Hello Everyone!

I haven’t done a Hawaii post in a while mostly because I have been vlogging them over on my youtube channel. Although I thought it was time to do a post on this. In the past couple of years Breakout Rooms have turned into a huge craze and are popping up everywhere. There’s probably one coming to a town near you. Today I’m going to talk about my experience at Breakout Waikiki, although I have done another breakout room challenge (it no longer exists) I definitely prefer Breakout Waikiki.
Breakout Waikiki is located on 131 Kaiulani Ave. In the King’s Village Shopping Center if you are a local. Look for this image below otherwise there’s a chance you might miss it. They have expanded to the second floor of King’s village, but the main check in desk is still here.

I probably should mention that you should pre-book your room through their website. Look around for coupon codes or ask if people have referral codes before booking because that will definitely save you money.

You should probably arrive at the site 10 minutes early just in case. Once you signed in to your room, if there isn’t anyone before you the receptionist or another worker will take you back into the room. I can’t show you pictures from the room since there’s no photography or use of smart phones in the rooms, they usually provide you with everything you need. There’s an introductory video that plays explaining the concept of breakout room. (It’s a room in which you are locked in there for a finite amount of time and given clues for finding a code to get out, there’s usually some ridiculous story that goes along with it). The second video usually explains the concept of the room. I’ve done everything from crazy clown escaped, Y2K, corrupt stock exchange broker, to save the world.

I will tell you that I only haven’t broken out of one of the rooms. I also may have amazingly smart friends 😉 I can also tell you that here there’s usually a room within the room and that there is some math involved. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed it. The most recent time we completed it was last week and here’s our winning picture. We were really hoping to get on the leader board for the month, but we were a bit too slow. You can only qualify for the leader board if no one has done the room before.

They also sell t-shirts and tanks that you can purchase there. You’ll definitely have to ask the receptionist on what qualifies you to purchase the shirt. The receptionist was kind enough to give us commemorative stickers though.

I’m looking to go back here since they are suppose to open a new room soon, although I’m told that a new breakout room challenge is opening in Waikiki before the end of the year!
Let me know if you have tried a breakout room and what you thought. If you have any recommendation on ones that I should try in the Oahu area let me know. I’ll see you soon with another post soon 🙂

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