Autumn Project 10 Pan & Finish 6 by Xmas Finale


Hello Everyone!

I hope that you are doing well. Happy New Year! I can’t believe that it’s already 2015, I know I sound like a broken record or the rest of the masses saying that I was expecting to be wearing really funky clothing, living on the moon or speeding through the street on my hoverboard or flying car. Alas that has not happened yet. I however am back here with renewed enthusiasm.

Today’s post is catching you up on my Autumn Project 10 Pan & Finish 6 by Christmas which I posted about early last month, you can read about it here. Well, I finished that Project 10 Pan even though I didn’t finish all the products. You can watch the video below.

I’m really glad that I did my Autumn Project 10 Pan and the Finish 6 by Christmas challenge.  I will see you very soon!

Autumn Project 10 Pan & Finish 6 by Xmas


Hello Everyone!

As I mention in the video and in a previous post several months ago, I started a new Project Pan for the Fall and added in the products that I did not finish in my previous Project 10 Pan. I also included the products that I will be finishing up for Finish 6 by Christmas. Since this Project 10 Pan and Finish 6 by Christmas is highly underway and nearing its end I will leave a list below of the products I’ve finished and the products that are in progress.

Finished products:
Victoria Secret body spray in Sheer Love
Maybelline Superstay Foundation in Natural Beige
Sephora microsmooth bronzer in HoneyHeat
Bath & Body works body spray in Paris Amour
MCMC Phoenix perfume sample
Nicole perfume sample
Revlon smoky shadowstick in Atomic

Products in progress:
Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in Bisque
JellyBeans lipstick in Fruit Punch
NYX black eyeliner
Revlon balmstain in Charm
Revlon lipstick in Soft Nude
Nars lip pencil in New Lover
MAC paintpot in Rubenesque
Benefit Creaseless creamshadow in Flatter Me
Revlon Grow Luscious bold lacquer mascara
Neutrogena Healthy Skin liquid makeup in Buff
Chanel No. 5 perfume sample

See you soon in another post!


Summer Project 10 Pan update:Finale

Hello Everyone!
I know that this update on my Summer Project 10 Pan is extremely late, but I sometimes forget I have a blog! I have posted a few videos regarding my Project 10 Pan on my youtube channel, but here the final update on the progress that I made during my the time period.

I was not able to finish all the products that shown in my Project 10 Pan. I will be rolling over the following products into my new Project 10 Pan and Finish 6 by Christmas with a full post and video hopefully coming later this week.

Unfinished products:
NYX black eyeliner
Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in Bisque
Bath & Body Works body spray in Paris AmourJelly Beans lipstick in Fruit Punch

I hope to see you soon with another post!


Summer Project 10 Pan update #2


Hello Everyone!
I know that this update is a little late, but I did not like the footage from the first time I filmed the video and just recently got the chance to film again. I will be doing another update video this week, since I hope to have made some more progress on my Project 10 Pan.

For this update though I finished off my Urban Decay xxx shine gloss in Carney and one of Juice Beauty CC cream samples in Warm Glow. I have made some progress on the rest of the items, but not enough to finish them off.  Also on this update I chose not to include anymore products, but with this coming week if I do finish off products I will be including them. You can watch a full update on my progress and all the videos in included in this Project 10 pan in my playlist below.

Hope to see you in another post soon!


Summer Project 10 Pan update #1


Hello Everyone!

I am 2 weeks into my Summer Project 10 pan and have already finished 2 products yay! I feel like I am making progress and that is good. I finished the Plant Botanicals lotion and the Sugar Rose lip treatment. As stated since the Project 10 pan has only just begun I am adding in products to keep myself motivated.  I have added in my Bath & Body Works body spray in Paris and my Nars Orgasm blush.  I have also made some progress on other products and no progress on others. For a full recap, please watch the video below. I apologize for the shakey quality of it I am using a different camera to film and as high quality as the picture is I just did not feel like getting ready the day I filmed it.

Let me know your thoughts and whether you are doing a Project Pan and have made any progress. Hope to see  you soon!