Sunday Currently 3.3

I know that it has been a while since you have really heard from me, but it’s almost as if I have had nothing good to say. I’ve been reading quite a bit which you can tell from the plethora of book reviews on here. I have also been on an endless loop of cold brew coffees and napping between my 2 jobs. Expect a revamp and a bit more from me soon, but until then here are some thoughts from me today along with a few links that I think you’ll enjoy.

reading a few blogs, but mainly Again, but Better and Rules of Civility this week
writing  this post at least for now. I really need to catch up on journalling
listening to that Machine Gun Kelly song that has been on repeat on the radio lately
thinking I probably should be getting more sleep than I actually am lately
wishing that I had a bit more money or more will-power not to look at all the fall clothes
hoping that I can get a bit more things done, so that I can attempt to feel ahead in life.
wearing a sweater and these pixie pants from Old Navy. I highly recommend them!
loving pumpkin spice iced chai’s and the way my instagram has been looking lately
wanting this necklace from Stella&Dot and these pants from Old Navy, I think
needing a bit more holiday cheer and a bit more time
feeling the anticipation of something new might be just around the corner
eating Junior Mints, mexican food, and salads
anticipating Umbrella Academy season 2. See this announcement
watching Youtube videos and Hawaii 5-0 again
things for my birthday weekend and next summer!?!
looking forward to days off to create more and sleep in
need to finish My Okinawa album and so many other things
main goal at least 2 books for this week and hopefully you are seeing a new look to this site.

Also Matt has a podcast through his radio station and he’s gotten to interview some pretty cool people, so you should give it a listen here.

2019 goals and thoughts

Happy New Year!
Like so many people around the world as we turn the page to start a new year we begin it with so many hopes and dreams. A dream for all the possibilities that could come in the days ahead and all that could be. I like many of them have so many hopes and yet there are a few things that I need to wrap up from 2018 before I can fully embrace 2019. I can’t wait to share more about these projects with you.

A few goals and resolutions that I have for the coming year are much like last year.
1. To read 52 books as that as is what I set as my Goodreads goal, but I would also like to complete at least one book challenge this year. I’m planning on being involved in several this year. I also would like to clear more of my unread shelf and get those books out of my life.
2. To get back to being healthy, the past year and half or so I have really slacked on my health and while I’m not super unhealthy I don’t feel healthy enough to do things in some ways. I have a plan to work on that and hopefully there will even be a few posts on that this year.
3. To turn this space into more of what I want. While I have several projects that I would like to complete for the year working on this specific space is definitely high on the list. I definitely would like to see more people come here and enjoy it, as well as give feedback.

I have a few more goals and resolutions that I ‘m still working out, but I’ll definitely let you know when the time comes. I can’t wait to journey through 2019 with you. Are you making goals or resolutions for this year? I hope to see you soon!

Sunday Confessions 3.2

I know that it has been a while since I’ve done these let alone been here with a post, but I do have a few coming for you and I think that they are pretty worthwhile reads. Also, if you don’t find a book I’ve read on here feel free to check my Goodreads for a mini read. I also have a few fun posts, but if they don’t end up on her feel free to check out my youtube channel because I started vlogging again and the vlogs will probably end up there.
reading 96 words of Love, Love Does, and various blogs to feel inspired
writing  this post at least for now
listening One Republic and Bohemian Rhapsody.
thinking I really should get around to listening to The Greatest Showman reimagined soundtrack
wishing there was a few more hours in this day
hoping that this week goes by fast and the weekend goes by slow
wearing t-shirt and shorts since I’m still doing work today
loving feeling like I’m getting my life together and feeling loved
wanting a bit more luck and sleep
needing a bit more holiday cheer
feeling accomplished for today and that 3 day weekends are the greatest
eating fro-yo, there are so many new places and nachos, it taste so good.
anticipating Crimes of Grindelwald! Nagini!!!!
watching Gilmore Girls, youtube videos, too many heavy documentaries on Netflix, and Adam ruins Everything
planning Thanksgiving and various plans for next weekend
looking forward to Thanksgiving and the holidays
creating more content and the base layouts for December Daily
need to finish at least one more creative project this month and at least 3 books this month
main goal get 4 videos up by the end of the month and have 3 books read by then also

Sunday Currently 3.0


I’ve always loved link-ups and finding new blogs to read. I may not be the best at commenting all the time, but I do love stalking peoples blogs. I’ve finally found sometime to catch up on some blogs in the past year, so please don’t mind that I’m commenting on a bunch of random posts. I’ve decided to start my own link-up, so feel free to join in. I’ve always loved blogging on Sunday more than any other day mostly because I’m a disorganized mess and can’t schedule posts that much in advance and also because it gives me a space and time to clear my head before the rest of the week makes it crazy with other things. Here are a few thoughts from this week:

    1. I recently found about Rachel Dawson’s blog from a random posts on instagram and to say that  I’m obsessed is probably the understatement of the year. Sorry if that is weird! Her blog and talking about life are kind of inspiring and I even for this month created my own 31 things to do in August. (Look forward to a post on that later) I highly recommend you check her out
    2. I’m finally getting myself together and putting time and effort into this blog. That means cleaning up my internet presence revamping old posts  and removing outdated links. It’s a lot of work, but I’m hoping that it will all be worth it especially after the latest Genesis update comes out.
    3. I’m super excited for fall! I’ve already marked off days and things to do in my planner. In addition to that I’m already started planning for 30 Days of Lists which I feel is the biggest kick off to Fall in my opinion. Feel free to check out the challenge it has gotten really big in the last few years. I’m not even sure where I will be showcasing my lists this time around.
    4. I’ve finally getting back to journalling just for me. I’m not using any rules or keeping it in any order, just putting my thoughts down on paper and loving it.

Well that’s all I’ve got for today, What are you up to today? What’s new in your life? I’ll see you soon.

Mid-year chat

It’s been a while since I actually sat down to chat with you and considering this is an actual chat and not a Currently post this is rather different for me. I’m so grateful if you have been reading the blog since I started. Heck, if you have been reading since the last year I’m still super grateful.

If you are new to these parts, welcome! I’m Jamie, the voice behind GreySkySaturday. There’s a rather short introduction on my about me page, so I’ll keep it short and sweet here. I mainly do book reviews as of lately, occasionally I’ll do movie reviews, posts about my life in Hawaii and on a rare occasions the sponsored posts. Today’s post is a rather new one for me because I’m doing a mid-year check in for the my 2018 resolutions post.

The last year has been full of changes which probably explains why I have tried to keep posts on here as regular as possible. Last Summer, I finally got around to buying my own domain name and doing a little bit of an overhaul on what was here before. I started getting back to posting content fairly regularly bringing back my Scaretober feature in October. I also started making time to read more, so I’ve definitely stepped up those posts. In a half unexpected way, I changed real life jobs in  mid-February. While, I enjoyed my old job and it gave me many freedoms such as running this blog and helping them create a social media presence, I thought it was time for more stability and new challenges. My new job gives me a regular 8-5pm hours, technically more work/life balance all the for costs of union dues and regular paychecks. All that aside, I’ve finally feel like I’m really getting my feet under me and feel less like I’m drowning in my life.

For my 2018 resolutions, I can definitely tell you and you have probably noticed that I’ve been reading like crazy. I’ve finally set my goal for reading on Goodreads at 52, I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to achieve that goal, but since we are halfway through the year I definitely think that goal is doable. I can also tell you that I while I’ve only finished 3 shadows so far, I’ve also seen some incredible progress including hitting pan on eye shadows that I hadn’t planned on. I’ve also been on a rather large no spend/budgeting this year and trying to knock out my debt as much as possible. It’s been weighing on me lately and sometimes when I look at home much I have that weighs on me also. I can only say that I’m trying and working slowly through it and I’m not perfect by any mean. As for the trips, you may have seen that Matt & I did end up taking a trip to Maui for his friends wedding , I’m not sure if we are going to do anymore. We are hoping to get another trip in the fall, but money and moving in together has been a big draw this year also.

I hope that this post hasn’t been too long or too boring. I know that I would usually leave this for a Sunday Confessions posts, but  I wanted to take a minute and let you know what has happened in the past year. I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of the year and what I can bring for you. I hope that you’ll continue to stay with me and look forward to the new content that is coming in the coming months. I’ll see you soon!