Confessions of a Hater

Confessions of a HaterConfessions of a Hater by Caprice Crane
Published by Feiwel & Friends on August 27, 2013
Genres: Friendship, Peer Pressure, Social Themes, Young Adult Fiction
Pages: 368

Mean girls are always the haters - Right?

Hailey Harper has always felt invisible. Now her dad has a new job and the family is moving to Hollywood. Just what Hailey needs: starting a new high school.

As she's packing, Hailey finds a journal that belonged to her older sister, Noel, who is away at college. Called "How to Be a Hater," it's full of info Hailey can really use. Has Hailey found the Bible of Coolness? Will it help her reinvent herself at her new school? Will her crush notice her? Will she and the other Invisibles dethrone the popular mean girls? After all, they deserve it. Don't they?

Caprice Crane's funny--and deeply felt--observations about high school, bullies, popularity, friendship, and romance will leave teens thinking...and talking.

Hello Everyone!
Are you still with me? Is anyone still out there? Are you still hanging in there for a bit more reviews and posts that I have lined up for you. I think I have a ton lined up for you. I might be changing the way I do posts in the future, but that is still something I am contemplating in my brain.

Today’s post is a review on Confessions of a Hater by Caprice Crane. Oh Lord, I have on my bookshelf for WAY too long. Sorry Caprice Crane! I bought this book when it first came out because I loved your novels, but then couldn’t get into it and got distracted by life and other novels but my goal this year was to conquer the books on my bookshelves and figure out if they are really necessary to keep. This also helped me to fulfill a challenge on the Creating & Co book map for the year. Yes, I am still on the first one even though people have already moved on to the second one *sigh*

I honestly could go on about this novel, but I won’t. This is Caprice Crane’s first foray into writing something aimed at a younger audience the rest of her books are usually aimed at the 20-30 year audience. Though I still love her writing style and had some laugh out loud moments with the book I feel as if I’m getting to old to read certain YA books or maybe its just that this book was published in 2013 and some things in the media and the way teenagers communicate has changed since then.

Either way I would still recommend this book if you are looking for a fun read or want to reminisce about high school. If you are looking for an older audience book that is still funny I would definitely recommend some of her other novels. Let’s not forget to check out Caprice Crane on other platforms and some of her other accolades that include screen writing for tv.

I hope that you enjoyed this review and look for more reviews and life posts coming soon.


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