Sunday Confessions 3.2

I know that it has been a while since I’ve done these let alone been here with a post, but I do have a few coming for you and I think that they are pretty worthwhile reads. Also, if you don’t find a book I’ve read on here feel free to check my Goodreads for a mini read. I also have a few fun posts, but if they don’t end up on her feel free to check out my youtube channel because I started vlogging again and the vlogs will probably end up there.
reading 96 words of Love, Love Does, and various blogs to feel inspired
writing  this post at least for now
listening One Republic and Bohemian Rhapsody.
thinking I really should get around to listening to The Greatest Showman reimagined soundtrack
wishing there was a few more hours in this day
hoping that this week goes by fast and the weekend goes by slow
wearing t-shirt and shorts since I’m still doing work today
loving feeling like I’m getting my life together and feeling loved
wanting a bit more luck and sleep
needing a bit more holiday cheer
feeling accomplished for today and that 3 day weekends are the greatest
eating fro-yo, there are so many new places and nachos, it taste so good.
anticipating Crimes of Grindelwald! Nagini!!!!
watching Gilmore Girls, youtube videos, too many heavy documentaries on Netflix, and Adam ruins Everything
planning Thanksgiving and various plans for next weekend
looking forward to Thanksgiving and the holidays
creating more content and the base layouts for December Daily
need to finish at least one more creative project this month and at least 3 books this month
main goal get 4 videos up by the end of the month and have 3 books read by then also

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