Currently 3.21.18

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I know that I haven’t been giving you real posts lately and they are coming…I think. I feel my creative juices really starting to flow and get into a new rhythm and groove with my life. In the mean time here’s a Currently post so you can catch up with me a little. Feel free to answer the prompts in the comments below.
reading Dirty Rush and The Secret…I know its weird
writing this post and at least one other for now. 
listening to the neighbors blare country music though all I want to do is watch tv or youtube videos
thinking that it’s about time to watch Scorpion and perhaps I’ll actually get around to editing youtube videos tomorrow
wishing there was a few more hours in the day
hoping that this computer rebook actually works for longer…*Sigh*
wearing at least half real clothes because I got some of my clothes real dirty
loving getting things done and feeling life is moving in a good direction
wanting a bit more sleep
needing a bit more energy to do all the things I want to do
feeling overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time..I always wonder how that’s possible! I have so much I would like to get to!

eating nothing at the moment, but I’ve been loving Cadbury eggs and Butterfingers!

anticipating the Matt & I ‘s first dating anniversary 🙂
watching Youtube and Scorpion in a bit
planning at least a few more posts for here as well as things I need to get done this week
looking forward to happy mail and New Found Glory concert this week! 
creating more creative content for my youtube channel since I’m finally feeling the groove
need to finish at least one more creative project this month and two more books
main goal get 6 videos up before the end of the month

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