Daughter of a Pirate King

I’m back with another book review. I would like to tell you that more original content is coming, but honestly I’m not really sure. In case, you haven’t figured it out yet, this post is going to be a book review on Daughter of a Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller. I had originally started this book for Creating & Co’s Journey to Atlantis Readathon that happened at the end of June, but I didn’t get a chance to finish it and I’m not one to quit on books most times after I start most times.The unfortunate thing about this book is that it’s part of a duology and at the time I am writing this post, have yet to read the sequel. I do plan on reading it though I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

In this book we meet Alosa daughter to Kalligan the pirate king. She volunteers to fetch her father part of a map that had belonged to Jeskor the Headbreaker. Alosa puts in motion a plan that means that she will be captured and upon finding the map return to her father. She doesn’t count on Jeskor’s two sons, Draxen and Ride having taken over the ship or that there is an additional spy on the ship from another crew that also wants the full map.

I love that Tricia Levenseller, put so many plot twists in here and even though the book started a bit slow at first the twists throughout the book make you want to keep turning pages. My copy of the book also had a Q&A with the author and in it she says that she modeled the series after Pirates of the Caribbean. I enjoyed reading the book and plan to continue the series very shortly and you will also get that book review here sometime in the future.

In regards to this book, I definitely recommend that you read it or at least make an attempt at reading it. If you do end up liking it remember to read RIden’s story on Tricia Levenseller’s website so that you can get a bit more insight into Riden and a bit of his backstory. Hope to see you soon!

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