Daughter of the Siren Queen

I’m back with a book review, I’d say more, but honestly I feel as if I have been on repeat lately with last post telling you that original content is coming and it hasn’t shown up yet. Maybe I’ll write about all these thoughts in another post.

Today I’m here to discuss Daughter of the Siren Queen the sequel to Tricia Levenseller’s book Daughter of the Pirate King. If you haven’t read my review on that be sure to check it out here. In this book, we catch up with Alosa just as she has located the last part of the map and is headed back to see her father. We finally get to really meet her crew, a merry band of misfit women that she has gathered along with the few men that she decided to keep from Draxen’s ship the Night Farer. We also see Alosa’s interactions with interactions with her father and begin to really see him as a person. The big twist for the book comes at the beginning finding that Alosa’s mother is alive and that she has been a prisoner to her father all these years.

It is also in this book that we finally get all the steamy non steamy parts of the Alosa- Riden romance that we have been hoping for. During their courtship both Alosa and Riden have to come to terms with the things their parents have done to them.

I loved every minute of this book probably a bit more than the previous book and the only thing the book left me hanging on besides more of the Alosa-Riden romance was to know more details about how the relationship between the Pirate King and the Siren Queen came to be. We know some details, but there is quite a bit left in the dark that left me wondering and wanting a bit more . I highly recommend that you read this book series. and I’m so glad that Paige from Creating & Co and the other members of the Creating & Co book club recommended it for the Journey to Atlantis Readathon. See you soon!

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