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I know that it has been a minute since I have written a post on here that was not a review or a Sunday post. I was recently asked about who I would have on my dream author panel and after much consideration and input from various people I finally settled on 5 authors that I would love to have in the same room chatting with each other.

    1. Timber Hawkeye- He authored Buddhist Boot Camp as well as as Faithfully Religionless and after meeting him I think that he would be cool to balance out this panel and give his opinions on some hard hitting faith questions.
    2. Image result for c.s. lewisC.S. Lewis- The man authored several amazing books such as The Screwtape Letters and the Chronicles of Narnia and is a legend! I would love to hear him debate and talk about Christianity and where his ideas came from.
    3. J.R.R. Tolkien- I know this may be controversial since apparently he and C.S. Lewis didn’t get along for a period of time?!? He also wrote some amazing books including The Lord of the Rings Triology, The Hobbit and Letters from Father Christmas. His books definitely shaped generations of readers and introduced them to a whole world of Science Fiction/Fantasy.
    4. Image result for d.t. suzukiD.T. Suzuki- He authored several books on Buddhism and is often credited with bringing Buddhism to the West. I think he could definitely hold is own against the likes of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.
    5. Alan Watts- He was a British Philosopher and writer most known for bringing Eastern Philosophy to the West. I’ve been told that he and D.T. Suzuki knew each other, with that he could definitely help D.T. Suzuki to balance out the panel for the Eastern thought side.


I would definitely want to moderate this panel and it would probably take place in Hawaii. I would definitely want to hear each of the author’s take on religion, after life, after death, and what we can do to make the world better.

As much I would love for this event to be free, I’m sure that most of the authors on my panel costs a good chunk of money to bring to Hawaii. If this were to happen I would use EventBrite for my registration needs. I’ve used to register for conferences and events in the past and found it easy to use. Here’s a link to their online registration page if you would like to register or check out events in your area.

I’ll be back soon with another post.

*EventBrite contacted me to do this post, but the opinion expressed is completely my own.

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