Movie Review:Eat Pray Love


Opening weekend for the movie, I was lucky enough to go to a free screening with my mom. The screening was from my obgyn’s office, sorry if that weirds you out, but it’s true. So in a theatre of mostly women I watched Eat Pray Love. I had no real notions about the movie since I had not read the book and had only seen a few commercials for it. ( I sometimes tend to live a busy life that lends me to get my new primarily online via the email or twitter).

I can say that I loved Julia Roberts in this movie. I’m not a huge fan of hers though I do think that she is great in many ways. Everything about this movie was amazing. It made me want to travel, experience, and do so much more, not that I haven’t this summer but that is for another post. The movie was a visual and intellectual experience that was worth while.

My mom has not seen a movie in the theatre for a very long time. I would say that possibly the last movie she saw was Memories of Tommorrow with my aunt. I was worried that she would not enjoy the movie and would complain about random things in it. Instead my mom loved the movie and even said that she bet that my sister-in-law would be incredibly sad that she missed out.

Now granted the movie is deemed a chick flick by many critics since there are no explosions, no one dies, and there is heart felt emotions with tons of kissing. As my mom says there is something in the movie for everyone. Javier Bardem and James Franco star as the 2 main men in Julia Roberts lives and portray the men at two very different points in their lives. Julia Roberts character learns something from everyone she meets including the men in her life.

I won’t by any means spoil truly spoil the movie for you. If you really need to know read the book or check out a spoilers page. I’m here to simply tell you to get out and see the movie whether it is on a date with your significant other, on a girls night out, or simply by yourself. Let yourself get lost in the movie, let it move your to tears, let it make you want to enjoy life by eating, praying, and loving.

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