Scaretober-Movie Review:Final Destination 2

scaretober 2020

Welcome to the twelfth day of October! I hope that your year has been going well. If you have been with me a while, you will know that every year I attempt to watch a lot of scary movies for October mostly to cure myself of my wariness of scary movies. When I started this series several years ago, I could barely sit through a scary movie to save my life. Now since doing this series I can say that I am much better. Last year, I decided to attempt to add books to this series. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up completing this series last year, but I have high hopes for this year ðŸ˜‰

On the twelfth day, today’s movie is Final Destination 2. This movie series came highly recommended by people, so I hope to make it through all of them this year. If I don’t you can certainly look forward to seeing more reviews from this particular movie series in the future. If you haven’t read my review on the first movie you can read that here.

Here’s a quick rundown of the movie in case you aren’t familiar with this particular movie franchise. This movie takes place a year after the first movie a girl Kimberly has the same sort of premonition Alex had in the first movie and tries to stop her and her friends from taking a road trip for Spring Break. Unfortunately, she does manage to save herself and a few others, but doesn’t manage to save her friends. She is taken back to the police station and where another survivor tells them the tale of the airline and suddenly a few of the survivors including Officer Burker fall down the rabbit hole of caution and creepiness that follows with death following them around.

Once again I won’t spoil the ending of the movie, but as I mentioned earlier this is a fairly well known franchise series so there are several sequels. I will say that the moments with death get even more violent and a bit more gore in this movie. I also appreciated that Ali Larter from the first movie made an appearance and even became a significant character for some parts of the movie. There were parts of the movie that I thought were a bit cheesy and a bit too predictable even for death.

I have liked the series overall so far and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for the series, even though parts of it seem to be getting a bit predictable. Let me know if you have watched any parts of this series and what you thought of it. What movie was your favorite out of the whole series. I hope that you are enjoying this series and will come back throughout the month for more. See you soon with another post.

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