Hawaii: Aiea Loop Trail Hike

Hello! I keep saying that I will be back with more posts during the week, but then it does not happen. I apologize for that. I have been doing the Simple Green Smoothie Challenge throughout the month of July and have been posting nearly every day about my smoothies on my tumblr, so feel free to check those posts out!

Back to the real reason we are here. I thought since I gave you the beautiful views from Lanikai Pillboxes that I would show you another hike that I did not so recently (hahah!) That would be the Aiea Loop Trail hike.  I did this hike with a different friend of mine back in November and although it was not as beautiful as the Pillboxes hike it had it’s own forest beauty. From the sign below you can tell that there are several places to park for the hike and you want to park at the last parking lot there. Score a place with parking provided! If you don’t you’ll be walking for much longer than you anticipated.  As you can also tell this is a 4.5 mile loop hike that lands you pretty much back where you started.



I’m so excited for this hike I could barely contain myself. We moved my friend’s car after this picture because we had parked in the first parking lot we saw, but that is not that one you want. You want to park in the last one on the road.


The Aiea Loop Trail hike is a basic straightforward hike with a direct path provided by the hiking Association in and out of the hike. Be forewarned though that this one is super muddy all the time. I know someone who did this hike recently in the middle of Summer and still got their shoes caked in mud. So be prepared to get muddy! It’s worth it for the views below:



See you can even catch a view of the H-3 Freeway from the hike, so that’s a nice treat for hikers.



Someone spray painted the word Aloha on this fallen down tree


I took an upclose picture of some of the moss found on the trail



If you are ever in Hawaii for a while, I hope that you ‘ll take a chance and hike the Aiea Loop Trail. See you soon!


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