Hawaii: Diamond Head Hike

I wanted to post this sooner, but life has been crazy. In January, I had a random day off and one of my friends was off in the afternoon also, so we decided to do the Diamond Head hike, since she had never been to the top at the time.  She has gone multiple times since!

Since Diamond Head is an official hike and a very popular spot. There is parking near the entrance of the hike, I think it’s $5 for cars and $1 if you walk in, but if you do not want to pay you can always park in the surrounding areas at the bottom of the drive and walk in. There are official hours to this hike since it is a state park. 6a.m.-4:30p.m. be out of the park by 6p.m.

This is the sign near the trailhead. There’s also clean bathrooms and a park to play if you just want to hang out!


View of the ocean from the top

View of part of Waikiki from the top


Map at the top

Picture from one of the lookout pointsdfec2475-b45b-4f5d-a42e-e0ab7b8dd4d3_zps01277007

Instagram shot!

I actually did take more photos from the hike, but my itouch ate them! I seriously do not know what happened, but they are no longer there. Things to know about this hike, it is actually less than a mile all uphill and paved, but at the very end there are a ton of stairs! There is a different way to get up that has less stairs, but still there are stairs!

I remember doing this hike when I was younger and over the years they have renovated the hike to make it easier for people. Perhaps one day I’ll have to find some old photos of Diamond Head and post them here! See you soon!

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