Hawaii:Nanakuli Lookout Hike

I know I can’t believe it either more than one post in a week! Crazy! Hopefully though I will have more posts for you as the weeks pass and my blog project for October will come together. For now though let me tell you about the Nanakuli Lookout Hike.

In August as part of a work retreat we camped at Camp Timberline on the island of Oahu. On the full day that we were there we decided to go hiking, since that is always a fun group activity. We chose the Nanakuli Lookout hike since it was probably the easiest one to go on. Here’s a listing of all the trails that are in the area, just remember to follow the signs because you can easily get lost. I suspect that there is another way to get to the start of the trail, but I can’t be certain since we camped.



Okay, so the sign is actually at the lookout, but it was important to see it first.


So the view from the lookout is pretty amazing! Even from both sides, you get an amazing aerial view of Nanakuli valley!


And as my friend points out you can almost touch a cloud!


The view from between the trees isn’t so bad either. They even have a few exotic plants along the hike, like this Old Grandfather Wisdom tree which has ash and you’re suppose to get the ash on your skin and absorb the wisdom.

Can you see the ash from the Old Grandfather Tree in this picture? Probably not, I did try. One of co-workers really got the ash on him, so he looked like a football player and when we got back to camp one of the guys was making fun of me for it.  I hope you’ll give this hike a try if you ever make it out here! See you soon!

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