Hawaii:North Shore Day

I apologize that this post is going up so late, but I just found these pictures and thought it was well worth it to show you. My friend Aiko originally from Kauai has been going to school at UH Manoa this past year and I decided to take her up to the North Shore since she had never really been and one of the famous shave ice shops is temporarily closing. We made this trip out to the North Shore over the Presidents’ Day Holiday and it actually was not as crowded as I thought it would be.

Aiko and I doing the Dole Plantation maze. For those of you wondering it is not a maze in the traditional sense that you are trying to get from beginning to the end, but this maze involves you finding the hidden boxes within each section. We’re holding our guides that have the diagrams with the hidden boxes along with the handy dandy map they give you.

Also at the Dole Plantation they recycle the water that they use to water their crops to house their koi fish. You can feed the fish, but as you can tell from this picture these fish get fed alot!

There are signs next to the fish pond that tell you not only the different species of pineapple grown throughout the world, but also how far Dole Plantation is from certain places. I think that she’s pointing to the one that says Kauai, but I’m not positive.

We also stopped at the same beach that my friend and I stopped at to visit the sea turtle that was once again napping on the beach.


This time my friend and I actually made it to the beach, but I forgot to take pictures perhaps another time. On the way back we stopped at a rather famous shave ice shop called Aoki’s. It was rather nostalgic and I actually love their shave ice. At the time they were planning on closing completely, but since then they have decided to close and move their shop across the road in the future. It just won’t be the same though. I’m glad that we got to  go to the original location before it closed.



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