I cleaned….

ahhh….It’s crazy how time seems to be slipping away. Really though is it just me or does it seem to be speeding up? Some weeks for than others time slips away faster and my room turns into the crazy mess. I decided to do a bit of cleaning and organizing a couple of weeks ago and take some pictures for you.

KonaBoy painted this painting for my birthday isn’t it beautiful?!? I wanted to really show it off and display his beautiful artwork forever. I picked up a plain black frame at Ben Franklin Crafts and hung it on a blank wall in my room. Sorry that you can see the glare from my ceiling fan light. Doesn’t it look great on that wall?!?


Sometimes during the week I get really lazy and don’t put away my clean clothes and they end up in a crazy pile at the entrance to my room. After that there’s a very full dresser with clothes that have been reorganized thanks to tutorials for the Beverly Hills Organizer on youtube.

Did I mention that I sometimes get lazy putting away my shoes during the week too? My shoes are probably 10xs more organized than they were last year thanks to my shoe rack, but somehow they always end up in this messy pile and all over the floor.


I hope that this gives you at least some ideas for cleaning and organizing your room. I’ll see you soon with a real blog post I think….

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