It: Chapter 2

Welcome back to another day of posting during Scaretober. As I probably mentioned yesterday this year will not only include scary movies, but also some scary books or Halloween type books to get you in the mood for the holiday.

This year I decided that since It: Chapter 2 was hitting theaters, it seemed like a good as ever time to review and revisit the movie. If you haven’t read my review of It: Chapter 1 feel free to read that one before you read this one.

The story picks up 27 years later when Pennywise, the dancing clown has come back to terrorize the people of Derry, Maine once more. The main trigger of the story happens during the Autumn of 2016 in which Pennywise attacks a boy that is thrown into the river after being beaten by the town bullies. Mike Hanlon hears about the incident over his police scanner and decides to investigate. Upon arrival Mike finds a message written in blood specifically dedicated to the Losers Club and decides that is time to bring the rest of the Losers Club back to Derry, Maine to end It once and for all. From there you see each member of the Losers Club react to Mike’s phone call and prepare for the journey back to their hometown. After arriving back in their hometown and having a reunion dinner at a Chinese restaurant that ends relatively badly the Losers Club almost decide to leave town, but are convinced by Mike and Bill that they need to save the children of Derry and each other.

The final showdown with IT is prompted when Bill goes to the town fair and sees Pennywise take a boy right in front of him prompting Bill to confront the memories he has of not being able to save his brother Georgie.

I won’t give away the ending completely since I recommend that you see the movie, but know that all the rumors and deaths are true. This second chapter of the movie is filled with lots of jump scares, cliff hangers, and dark moments which left me hanging on the edge of my seat and almost wanting to leave the theater. I made it through and was glad that I did. I thought the casting for the adult version of the Losers Club was amazing and the flashback scenes to the summer they first defeated Pennywise was incredible.

I hope that you’ll see this movie and let me know what you think! Have you seen It: Chapter one? Did you like it? I hope to see you for more exciting posts over this month 🙂

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