It’s all the same just the names, faces, and places change


I won’t pretend to tell you that high school is easy. It’s not meant to be easy, if it’s easy you are either not trying hard enough or you are not really getting the lesson. High School is meant to be hard and difficult so that you can look back on these times and be like I got through that, WOW! I can get through anything.

Over the years, I admit I've written this blog and variations of it over and over again. However the fact remains that no matter how many years pass high school is still high school. You'll still have your jocks, the popular kids, the nerds, and those kids who won't quite fit in at the time but you'll be truly grateful that you were kind to them in the end.

I’m approach a high school reunion and I have yet to decide if I’ll even go. In my 17 year old mind the day I graduated high school would be the last day I ever set foot on that campus. Little did I know that a year later, I would be back to see a friend’s graduation and further down the road be an alumni that actually donates money back to the school. I had also told myself back then that despite everything I had no intentions of ever seeing those classmates again aside from the ones I actually wanted to see.

There are only a few from high school that I still associate with and randomly see from time to time. I was one of those obscure kid, the ones that had a group of friends, but often was made fun of by everyone else. I have no hatred to the people that made fun of me, but really! No offense Stu and C7! Time passes people change circumstances change but some things are still the same no matter where you go.

When I was in college, my roommates and I were comparing our high school experiences. Even though, I went had gone to a private school I dismissed much of my roommates notions about everyone being equal and there were never any cliques. One of them even thought I was one of the popular kids,ha! My roommates and I probably never would have been friends in high school. We would have possibly been acquainted. One of my roommates commented that even though her graduating class was small her classmates still picked on her and never really got the chance to know her. If you ever met this roommate, you'd like her and you'll never understand why her classmates picked on her.
Flash forward from high school and college to present day. Recently the senior class of the high school attached to the main office of my work moved into my workplace. Over the past couple of years I've gotten to met a few of the students that go to that high school, some of them are different, but mostly they are nice and just need to be given a chance to really open up. I've met the senior class that moved in and it seems to throw me straight back to my high school days with the exception that there are only 15 students in this class. Just like when I was in high school there are cliques and there's that one kid that doesn't quite fit in. I wish there was something I could say to these kids to make them like her, but I can't and maybe even if I did it won't be enough. I can only hope that when her high school year comes to a close in May that she will be able to walk a way a stronger person and find people that will really understand her in college.

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  1. Great post !! HS is just a means to an end. My professors and peers in graduate school developed me personally and professionally. I am currently a postdoctoral fellow in on of the public universities in U.S. Things will get better . . .

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