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Lately, it seems that I have been buying a lot of jewelry. I’m rather picky about my jewelry but I’ve found a few designers that are a little off the beaten path that I’d recommend.

I have been hunting for the perfect key necklace for the longest time but I have never found one. This Spring, I found one that I actually liked on Etsy purely by accident. I was stumbling around the site looking at *gasp* Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland jewelry when I stumbled upon Lucinda Charms. I actually wasn’t going to be the Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland jewelry, but I do think that it is fascinating to see what people come up with. Pictured below is the key necklace I got from her.

If I was actually able to find her business card at the moment I could tell you more about her. However, I do love the size of the key not to big and not to small. Very old key style and well done. The item came relatively fast and I didn’t have any problems with the postal service. It was also beautifully packaged. You can check out more of her jewelry on Etsy.


Most recently,I discovered Rock Love Jewelry. I’m not gonna lie, but I sometime shop for Christmas gifts all year around. It’s kind of smart thing to do really. If I know there is something that you like I’ll try to find a something specially designed for it or inspired by it. I found Rock Love Jewelry when I was looking through a friend’s myspace page. She knows one of the models for Rock Love Jewelry can’t remember her name though. I checked out the site and they had some pretty cool designs and had even designed the necklace Miley Cyrus wore in her Party in the USA video. However, I was most intrigued by the necklace they had designed for Repo! The Genetic Opera. The first necklace they designed was a scalpel, which was limited edition and sold out by the time I stumbled upon the site. The latest necklace is the zydrate gun which is also in limited quantites. As you can see in the picture below, all my items came in their own separate jewelry boxes which are pinstriped designed and have her business cards. The designer also included a hand written note and a black cherry almond candle.

Here’s what the heart bracelet looks like on!

The zydrate gun is on the left. I’ll be giving it to her this Christmas. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read my blog, but if she does my plan has been foiled. On the right is the bracelet I bought myself. It’s a filagree heart charm in the same style as Tiffany’s. I promised I hadn’t meant to pick up something for me it just happened. I definitely recommend Rock Love Jewelry, you should check her out!

The last designer, WJS jewelry, I can most definitely recommend though I don’t have a picture to show you. I’ve been purchasing pieces of jewelry from her since I was in high school. She still creates some of those pieces I first purchased, but her hawaiian bracelet collection is definitely worth a look. I’ve been pondering getting another bracelet from her for years. If you get a chance definitely check out WJS jewelry.

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